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About iForIndia


What is iForIndia?

iForIndia is a citizen engagement and political accountability initiative to actively involve ordinary citizens like you and me in the democratic process and to give voice to our opinions on issues that affect the lives of all Indians. It is a platform where we can rate the quality of government provided services provided to generate real time 'Report Cards' for MPs, MLAs, CMs and the PM.

Our philosophy is that for a well-functioning democracy, a well-informed electorate is imperative. For the electorate to be informed, it needs to remain engaged. An engaged and informed public can hold its elected officials accountable to promises they make at the time of elections and re-elect the ones that get the job done. We believe that citizens are not absolved of their duties once they are done voting. Democracy involves a continuous and active participation in the democratic process.

How it Works

People rate the specific services and issues that affect the lives of most Indians. These are divided into 4 broad categories:

  1. Basic needs: electricity, water, transport, sanitation, basic education, primary healthcare
  2. Governance & Administration: law & order, getting work done in government offices, e-governance, price rise, poverty, disaster management
  3. Growth & Progress: traffic, roads, higher education, jobs, business friendliness, tourism
  4. Reputation: scams, public comments, women empowerment, helping the backward sections, religious harmony, fulfilling promises

The process enables us to calculate metric specific ratings, category ratings (aggregates of metrics within a category) and an overall rating. The ratings are currently used to generate a report card for the MLA in charge of your Assembly Constituency and the CM of your State. Future plans include generating the same report card for the MP in charge of your Parliamentary Constituency and for the PM.

Our Goals

Our end goal is to bring about a change in the attitudes of both the elected officials and the electorate

  1. Elected Officials – We want the elected officials to become more transparent and accountable for their actions or the lack of them. We want to help the politicians serve us better by coming up with effective and targeted policies. We want to have open and inclusive debates on public issues based on facts and data. This platform can act like a stock exchange of public opinion (or if you prefer, a Moody’s rating system for politicians) where based on transparent and publicly available information, voters can make the most rational decisions about which politicians to support.

  2. Electorate – We want the electorate to become an active and engaged part of the political system. We want it to participate constantly and provide real time feedback in the form of report cards. It should be aware of and influence the decisions made by the government. The electorate should vote based on facts, analysis and rationalisation instead of voting along parochial lines or through identity politics or feeling alienated or apathetic altogether.